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The following section outlines which system settings are connected with package checks and thus affect the flow of the package check.

There are two main setting types: Global settings, which affect all packages throughout the system, and package-specific settings.

Global Package Check Switch

This system-wide switch is activated as part of customizing. If this switch is deactivated, there is no package check at all. In general, one of the following three values can be selected:



No package check.



Structure packages are not considered in the package check.

The package check only takes place if the appropriate setting Package encapsulated is activated for the package.




The check considers structure packages on the client and server package side.

This is similar to a RESTRICTED package check but takes structure packages into account.  That is, if the client and the provider are stored in the same structure package, the check is limited to the RESTRICTED package check.
Otherwise, the system needs to check whether or not a use relationship between the two structure packages is allowed. If it is, the system performs the restricted package check. Otherwise, an error message occurs.


Package-Specific Setting

Package-specific settings are generally made when the package is created. You can change them later in the Package Builder (on the Properties tab).


Package encapsulated


When this package property is activated, the package is referred to as encapsulated. This setting is especially relevant for a package in the role of a server package since it protects the package contents from unwanted use. Using this encapsulation property, you determine the sanctions imposed during package checks if the contents of the respective package are accessed. Development objects (contents of the package) must first be made available through server package interfaces before they can be accessed by a user through a use access.


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