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In this step, you will map the UPDATE operation to the Change BOR method of the USER object in the data source.

The UPDATE operation changes a business entity in the SAP backend system.

Similar to the CREATE operation, you must flatten the structure of the business object of the UPDATE operation.

No structures or tables are allowed to be passed as input.

  1. From the data source screen, select the Change method.

  2. Click Create Mapping.

  3. In the Map Operation window, choose Update

  4. Remove the selection for the root node, Change, confirm the warning, and collapse the structure.

  5. Select the node,Password, and the USERNAME attribute.

    Mapped fields and the key Property

    Notice that Passwordx is selected automatically when you select Password.

  6. Expand the node, Password and rename the property, BAPIPWD to PASSWORD and then flatten it by mapping it to the root node.

  7. Expand the node, Address without selecting it. Select the properties of the Address node as shown in the image below, rename and flatten each property by mapping to the root node.

    Mapping and flattening the properties of the Address node

    All corresponding attributes in Addressx and Passwordx will be set to a constant value of ‘X’ automatically.

    Automatically selected Properties of the Addressx node

  8. Do not select any other property and close the Map Operation dialog.

  9. Generate and save the data model.

    Generated and saved Data Model


You have successfully mapped attributes for the Update operation from your data source to Properties in the Data Model.

Continue with Add the Data Model to a Consumption Model.