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Configuring Service Groups using a Business ScenarioLocate this document in the navigation structure

Service groups allow you to configure multiple consumer proxies at the same time. For example, they allow multiple consumer proxies to be used to access different services offered by the same Provider system.

To configure Service Groups using Business Scenario proceed as follows:

  1. Logon to the Consumer system.

  2. Open transaction SOAMANAGER.

  3. Navigate to Start of the navigation path Service Administration tab Next navigation step Business Scenario Configuration End of the navigation path.

  4. Choose New .

  5. Enter a Name and Description for the Business Scenario.

  6. Choose Next and skip the Provider side configuration.

  7. Choose Add to add the service groups for the following applications:

    • /IWCNT/SG_TIME_MGMT service group to the work list for Time Management

    • /IWCNT/SG_LEAVE_MANAGEMENT for Leave Management


  8. One service group (that is, one set of Web service consumer proxies) may point to many Provider systems. Perform the following steps for each provider system.

    1. Add the service group.

    2. Choose Assign Business Application. Select the Business scenario that was created when creating the provider system.

  9. Activate the Business Scenario.

  10. Choose Check Processing State to monitor pending activities.

  11. Choose Start request Queue processing to trigger the creation of Logical Ports for each Web service consumer proxy and provider system

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