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This collection retrieves a specific, restricted data set for substitutes as opposed to retrieving all applicable data. In this way, the collection enables the user for whom substitution is required to define which tasks or data his or her substitute is to be responsible for the period of active substitution


Colleague A wants colleague B to act as substitute for some but not all of his or her tasks. For example, colleague B is to be responsible for shopping cart approval, while colleague C is to be responsible for leave request approval. Consequently, colleague A defines the substitution profile Shopping Cart Approval and assigns this profile to colleague B when creating the substitution. By assigning the appropriate substitution profile, colleague A can be sure that colleague B will see only the intended shopping cart approval tasks.

The following properties exist for this collection:

Property Name



Substitution profile key representing group of task types for which substitution rule is applied.

Profile Text

Substitution profile text for display representing group of task types for which the substitution rule is applied.