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Functional Overview

In SAP CRM, Contact is an entity with whom a business relationship is maintained with another business partner. A contact would for example have details like address, communication data, roles, business hours.

Service and Metadata Documents

You can connect to SAP CRM system using SAP Gateway services. The links to access the service document and metadata document of contacts is given in table below.

Service Document

http://<hostname>:<port>/sap/opu/sdata/iwcnt/contact/?$format=xml&sap-client=<client number>

Metadata Document

http://<hostname>:<port>/sap/opu/sdata/iwcnt/contact/$metadata?$format=xml&sap-client=<client number>


Contact your system administrator for host name, port and client number.


ContactCollection is the collection for contacts and has the following collections listed in the table below.




This collection provides the address details of a business partner (like building ID, address usage code, city name, postal code) and address-dependent communication data (like telephone number, fax, e-mail and URI) along with its usage.

InternationalAddressVersionCollection — This is a collection under ContactAddressCollection and provides details on the international address versions maintained for an address of a business partner. Possible address versions are Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Greek, Hangul, International, Kanji, Traditional Chinese, Katakana, Cyrilic & Thai


This collection provides information about the business hours of a business partner like visiting hours, calling hours or goods receiving hours.


This collection provides information about address independent communication data of a business partner like e-mail addresses or cell phone numbers.


This collection provides information about the notes maintained for a business partner.


This collection provides information about the business-relevant, time-dependent relationship between two business partners. This collection does not show information of those who are having the relation HasEmployeeResponsibleFor.


This collection provides information about all the contacts of a contact.


This collection provides information about all the accounts, which are related to a contact.


A role is the business role that a business partner has. This collection provides information about the business environment of the business partner and its tasks (rights and obligations) that it has to observe in this environment like role code or role category code.

  • Accounts should have at least one Address maintained for performing create and update operations on the 'AccountRelatedContacts' and 'ContactsRelatedAccounts' relationships

  • You cannot create relationships between CRM Accounts and Contacts if the Account is a person.

F4 Value Help

F4 value help collections for a contact:

  • AddressVersionCollection

  • AddressUsageCollection

  • CountryCollection

  • DepartmentCollection

  • LanguageCollection

  • MaritalStatusCollection

  • NationalityCountryCollection

  • PowerOfAttorneyCollection

  • SalutationCollection

  • URITypeCollection

  • GenderCollection

  • OriginCountryCollection

  • TimeZoneCollection

  • VerbalCommLanguageCollection

  • CommunicationTypeCollection

  • PartnerFunctionTypeCollection

  • AcademicTitleCollection

  • CategoryCollection

  • RegionCollection

  • FileTypeCollection

  • VipReasonCollection


For a contact there is a provision to navigate to:

  • Attachments which lists all the documents/attachments related to that contact.

  • Account service and check the details of all the accounts related to that contact.