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Periodical tasks that need to be performed frequently in order to ensure that the software runs smoothly with optimal performance.

In the context of SAP Gateway some cleanup jobs are necessary on the SAP Gateway hub system. You can find the relevant activities in the Implementation Guide (IMG): In transaction SPRO open the SAP Reference IMG and navigate to Start of the navigation path SAP NetWeaver Next navigation step SAP Gateway Next navigation step OData Channel Next navigation step Administration Next navigation step Cache Settings End of the navigation path.

The tasks need to be performed in regular intervals. The frequency specified depends on the load in your system and therefore may vary. A periodical cleanup is recommended to avoid a waste of disk and memory space. You might consider a frequency of once a week.

When activating SAP Gateway in your system landscape the following jobs are scheduled automatically:



These jobs are newly created if they are not yet available. Note that these two jobs are only carried out in one client, but they are also doing this for the other clients. This is the client in which SAP Gateway has been activated initially. If SAP Gateway is active in another client, then nothing else is done. If the jobs are not running periodically, the system will need more disk resources than expected. You can make them run again by switching SAP Gateway off and on again in the implementation guide (transaction SPRO). When deactivating SAP Gateway the jobs are deleted automatically, as long as SAP Gateway is not active in another client.

In addition to these automatically scheduled jobs we recommend you schedule job /IWFND/R_SM_CLEANUP which — among others — will help to clean up the Application Log Viewer (/IWFND/CLEANUP_APPSLOG) and the Error Log (/IWFND/SUPPORT_UTILITIES).

There are several cleanup scenarios for different use cases, for example:




Clean-up of Application Log


Support utilities


Cache clean up for Activity


Clean up Codelist Cache


Document Storage Category Cache Cleanup


Clean up Document Type Status Table


Delete Unused User Settings for a User


Cleans up Help Value Cache


Cleanup for Device Manager


Document Publisher


OIL - Object ID List


QRC - Query Result Cache - For Scheduler


Role Sync Cleanup - All


Role Sync Cleanup - Cautious Method

Caching is available in the following places:

  • in the SAP Gateway hub system

  • in the client browser (and probably also in the internet proxy)


For development we recommend that caching on the SAP Gateway hub system is disabled.