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Logger Handling for Outbound FlowsLocate this document in the navigation structure

For outbound flows, the logger instance must be initiated and closed according to the start and end of a synchronous process.

A new logger instance must be created using the INIT_LOGGER and closed using the CLOSE_LOGGER when the asynchronous process has finished. Between the logger initiation and closing, you can log messages as described in the previous sections.


Note that for the backend system (where software component IW_BEP is deployed) a corresponding class exists called /IWBEP/CL_COS_LOGGER for OData Channel development.


Use the method CLOSE_LOGGER to save the log entries created during the request process to the Applications Log database.

If the entire process was successful (that is, only information messages were created), only one message is saved to the database, containing the information that the request was successfully processed on the SAP Gateway framework.