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Task Gateway enables you to consume business tasks from different task providers or systems such as SAP Business Workflow (BFW) and SAP Business Process Management (BPM). You can configure Task Gateway to enable other task providers (custom providers) as required.

Task Gateway comprises:

  • OData service (Task Gateway Service Version 1 or 2) for data provision: TASKPROCESSING;mo;v=<version>

  • My Inbox or Unified Inbox based on SAPUI5 capabilities for data consumption.

    Both My Inbox and Unified Inbox use the TASKPROCESSING OData service.

Task Gateway includes standard task providers for SAP Business Workflow and SAP Business Process Management to which you can add your own scenarios to be consumed by My Inbox or Unified Inbox. You can also add other task providers depending on your requirements. The Task Gateway Service provides an access point for consumer applications to display and execute different tasks using SAP Gateway. The Task Gateway Service uses OData to enable all tasks to be displayed in one harmonized view regardless of the task provider from which the task itself originates. If required, you can add further task providers to the service.

The Task Gateway documentation has been tailored to suit the specific needs of administrators and developers.

More Information

For practical troubleshooting information, see Troubleshooting for Task Gateway.

For security-related information, see the Security Guide: Security Aspects for Task Gateway.