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Creating an RFC Destination for the WSIL ServiceLocate this document in the navigation structure

You create an RFC destination for the Web Service Inspection Language (WSIL) service on the SAP Gateway server. Proceed as follows:

  1. In transaction SPRO open the SAP Reference IMG and navigate to: Start of the navigation path SAP NetWeaver Next navigation step SAP Gateway Next navigation step Former Development Next navigation step Generic Channel Next navigation step Configuration Next navigation step Connection Settings Next navigation step SAP Gateway to Consumer Next navigation step Create RFC Destination for WSIL Service. End of the navigation path and click on the Activity icon.

  2. On the Configuration of RFC Connections page choose Create.

  3. In the RFC Destination field, enter IWFND_WSIL_LOCAL_DEST.

  4. In the Connection Type field, enter H.

  5. In the Description 1 field, enter RFC Destination for WSIL Service.

  6. Choose Enter.

  7. On tab Technical Settings enter the SAP Gateway host in the Target Host field.

  8. In the Service No. field, enter the HTTP port.

  9. In the Path Prefix field, enter the path of the local WSIL service, for example, /sap/bc/srt/wsil.


    The WSIL service lists the configuration of all Web Services exposed by the system.

    The /SAP/BC/SRT/WSIL service must have been activated in transaction SICF.

    To obtain the WSIL URL, carry out the following steps:

    1. Log on to the SAP system you specified as a provider, and enter transaction SICF.

    2. Enter WSIL for the Service Name and choose Execute.

      The WSIL service is now displayed in the HTTP service tree.

    3. Double-click on the WSIL entry to obtain its URL.

      The path for the WSIL service is displayed: /default_host/sap/bc/srt/

      The default value for the URL is: http://<host name:port>/sap/bc/srt/wsil

  10. Save your settings.


To check that you have successfully created an RFC destination for the WSIL, select Connection Test. The test result displayed on the Test Result tab should contain Status HTTP Response 200.