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You can reassign the key that have been assigned to a Property in an operation.

You manually reset the key Property for an operation in the Data Model screen of the Structure tab. You can choose any Property in each mapped operation to be a key.

For the query operation in Screen Scraping and all operations in BOR, the Data Model Generator proposes key assignment based on the field detected as a key in the data source. You can change the proposed key assignment.

To reassign a key to a property in the Structure tab screen, proceed as follows:

  1. Select Expand all in the Data Model view to display all the Properties of Data Objects and the origin of all their Properties.

  2. Expand the Data Object to display its Properties, and select the Property that has been assigned as key that you want to change.

  3. Choose the Reset Key icon above the Data Model tree view or right-click the field and choose Reset Key.

  4. Select the field you want to assign as the key, and choose Set Key.

After resetting the keys for the operations, you must regenerate and save the Data Model.

More Information

For more information about generating the model, see Generating the PS and DS Data Models.