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  • Familiarize yourself with the RFC modules or BOR methods (BAPI).

    This tutorial uses the BAPI methods for the business object, EPM Product.

  • You have a project in Service Builder that contains the Entity Types and Entity Sets from your specified data source (an SAP system that contains the function module or BOR method) you want to use for your service.

    For more information, see Importing a Data Source (RFC/BOR Interface).


This section of the cookbook provides a step by step approach to mapping your SAP Gateway service based on Remote Function Calls modules (RFCs), or Business Object Repository (BOR) methods.

By mapping to a data source, defines the relationship between the properties of an Entity Set and the parameters of the specified BAPI method.

Each Entity Set in the data model node of the project is reflected in the Service Implementation node. For each Entity Set, there are the following predefined operations Create, Read, Update, Delete and Query.

In this document, the query and read operations are mapped as an example of mapping in Service Builder:


Service can be mapped only for the projects of type Service with SAP Annotations and Service with Vocabulary-Based Annotations