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The Properties Editor enables you to change the properties of a model and its elements. Depending on the object that is selected in the hierarchy view in the left-hand area of the screen in ABAP Workbench, the Properties Editor provides you with relevant property options specific to that particular object type.

Select the relevant object (for example, data object, property, relation, operation, complex type) for which you want to define or change existing properties in the hierarchy view in ABAP Workbench.

Defining Properties for Data Models

To define the properties of your data model, ensure that your data model is selected in the hierarchy view in ABAP Workbench. After you have selected your data model, the appropriate Properties Editor view is displayed. Choose the Display<->Change button to switch to edit mode and define the properties of the model.

Properties Editor for Data Models


Some fields are read-only and cannot be changed. This is to ensure that any changes you make to the model do not render it incompatible. In the case of models that have been generated automatically using the content generator, you cannot edit Core Data Type and type-related fields in the Properties Editor, but you can select the Open Generator icon to navigate directly to the model in the content generator.

You can edit the following fields at model level in the Properties Editor, all other fields are read-only.





Short description of model (maximum of 40 characters).


Default Operation


Name of the default query operation to be executed in this model.


After you have finished editing a data model (or its elements), choose Save to save your changes.

Defining Properties for Elements in Data Models

To use the Properties Editor to define the properties of other elements (for example, data objects, properties, operations, relations, complex types) contained within a data model, select the relevant object in the hierarchy view in ABAP Workbench.

For more information about defining the properties of different elements, see:

For more information about the Annotation Editor, see Annotation Editor).