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To create a new service using SAP Gateway Service Builder, you first need to create a project. Service Builder project bundles all the artifacts you need to develop a service in one central place and helps you to organize the service development and modeling process.

  1. Launch SAP Gateway Service Builder in transaction SEGW.

  2. Click Create.

  3. In the Create Project dialog box, enter a unique name for your new project. The project name must not exceed 30 characters and must not start with a number or include any special characters (underscores are permitted). For example, DOCUMENTATION_TEST.

  4. Enter a short description for your new project. You must enter a short description otherwise you cannot create the new project. The description must not exceed 60 characters. The short description should provide additional context information about your project. The short description you define here is displayed in the Service Builder together with the project name.

  5. Under Attributes, click project type Service with SAP Annotations to enable you to use standard annotations (such as, creatable, updatable) to specify how data model artifacts are to be used.

  6. Under Attributes use the input help to select Standard as the generation strategy.

  7. Enter the name of the package in which the project is to be created or click Local Object if you want to create the project locally.

  8. Click Enter to create your new project together with its unique name and description in the location you specified.


The Service Builder creates a new project structure, which you can use to develop or generate your new service.

Figure 1: Tree view in the Service Builder displaying project structure

To prevent loss of data, you must save your newly created project. A confirmation message is displayed at the bottom of the screen after the project has been created. The next time you launch SAP Gateway Service Builder, you can continue working on this project by clicking Open. In the Open Project dialog box, enter the name of your saved project and click Execute.

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