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Using the OData Channel Generation Tool to Create a ServiceLocate this document in the navigation structure


This cookbook describes how to use the OData Channel Generation Tool on the backend to generate the ABAP classes of a service implementation for the OData Channel from an example service description metadata file. Using the OData Channel Generation Tool simplifies content development and saves time if you have already created a model using another tool or if you have existing functionality, as you do not have to create Data Models from scratch using SE80 design time.


The OData Channel Generation Tool is only available on the OData Channel.

The cookbook consists of the following steps:

  1. Creating and importing the service description file.

  2. Confirming the mapping and generating the classes and interfaces.

  3. Implementing the methods (GET_ENTITY and GET_ENTITYSET).

  4. Registering the service for use at runtime.

  5. Activating the service on the hub.

More Information

For more information, see OData Channel Generation Tool.