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Getting Started with the Service BuilderLocate this document in the navigation structure


SAP Gateway Service Builder provides developers an easy-to-use set of tools for creating services. It has been conceived for the code-based OData Channel and supports developers throughout the development life cycle of a service.

This cookbook follows one use case and comprises the following steps:

  1. Creating a Project

    Copying a Service Builder Project

  2. Importing a Data Model

  3. Importing a Data Source (RFC/BOR Interface)

  4. Editing Properties

  5. Checking Project Consistency

  6. Creating Associations

  7. Mapping Operations

  8. Generating the Service

  9. Service Maintenance


To create a new service based on the steps listed above, you require:

  • A well-formed data model in an .edmx or .xml file, which you can import into the Service Builder to create your data model.

  • A browser that can display the XML content provided by the service so that you can consume the data.