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This collection relates to the Workflow task collection. It contains all the attachments from the SAP system that are related to the Workflow item.

This collection contains only the attachment header data. To obtain the attachment content, you must navigate to the appropriate media link. For more information, see the Media Links section.

The Attachment entity contains the following properties:

  • Object Structure

    Property Name



    Workflow item instance ID.


    Attachment ID in UTF8.


    ID of the user who created the attachment.


    Name of the user who created the attachment.


    Attachment creation date.


    Attachment file name.


    Attachment file extension (for example, DOC or PDF).

  • Supported Operations

    • GET – To retrieve the list of attachments that are related to the Workflow item in the SAP system, perform a GET operation on the relevant URL.

      To obtain the URL:

      1. On the SAP Gateway system, go to transaction SPRO, open the SAP Reference IMG and navigate to Start of the navigation path SAP NetWeaver Next navigation step SAP Gateway Next navigation step OData Channel Next navigation step Administration Next navigation step General Settings Next navigation step Activate and Maintain Services End of the navigation path.

      2. Select the Workflow service.

      3. Choose Call Browser.

      4. Navigate to WorkflowTaskCollection(<workitem_id>)/Attachments.

    • POST – Creates (uploads) new attachments for specific Workflow items. For more information refer to the Uploading Attachments to a Work Item section.

    • DELETE – Deletes existing attachments from Workflow items by executing an http DELETE operation on the relevant URL. For more information refer to the Deleting Attachments from a Work Item section.