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Configurations for ERP Customer on the SAP ERP System (Provider System) — OData ChannelLocate this document in the navigation structure

To configure the provider system:

  1. You can either import a profile using an XML template or create a profile.

    Importing a profile using a XML template

    or Creating a profile

  2. Import endpoints using a Business Scenario Configuration XML or Creating endpoints using a Business Scenario

  3. Verifying the endpoints created

  4. Assigning personnel number for an employee:

    To assign an SAP User ID to a Personnel Number proceed as follows:

    1. Logon to the provider system.

    2. Open transaction PA30.

    3. Choose the Personnel number.

    4. In the Direct selection section, choose Communication (0105) in the Infotype field, and System user name (0001) in the STy (Subtype) field.

    5. Click the Change icon or press F6 from the key board to view the Change Communication page.

    6. In the Communication section, enter the SAP user ID in the ID/number field.

      You have now assigned the SAP User ID to a Personnel number.

  5. Obtaining WSIL URL

    1. On the Provider system, open transaction sicf.

    2. Enter SERVICE for the Hierarchy Type .

    3. Enter WSIL for the Service Name.

    4. Choose Execute.


      The WSIL (Web Service Inspection Language) service lists the configuration of all web services exposed by the system.

    5. Choose WSIL folder and right click and select Test Service.

    6. A browser window opens, copy the URL from this browser. This is the WSIL URL.

  6. Obtaining the external key of the provider system.

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