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Assign the System Alias to the Service in SAP GatewayLocate this document in the navigation structure


Skip this section if you have a Generic Channel Data Model, as the procedures are applicable to only OData Channel Data Models.

After adding our Data Model to a consumption model, we must enable SAP Gateway to correctly identify the SAP backend system that can process OData requests from our service.

We do so by manually assigning the same system alias defined for the Data Model to our service on the SAP Gateway hub, as follows:

  1. Use transaction SPRO, select Start of the navigation path SAP Reference IMG  Next navigation step  SAP Customizing Implementation Guide  Next navigation step SAP Gateway  Next navigation step  OData Channel  Next navigation step  Administration Next navigation step  General Settings  Next navigation step Assign SAP System Aliases to OData Service End of the navigation path

    Figure 1: Assign the same system alias as the Data Model to the service
  2. Choose New Entries and enter the following:

    New Entry

    • In the column, Service Doc. Identifier, enter the name of your Data Model, ZSH_USER_BOR_0001

    • In the column, SAP system alias, press F4 and select the system alias from the list displayed. For example, EX1_TRUSTED_800.


      The system alias you choose should be the same system alias you defined while creating the Data Model.

    Adding new entry for the system alias

  3. Click Save to save your configuration settings.


You have successfully enabled the SAP Gateway service for OData request processing.

Continue with Testing the Service.