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Defining an EventLocate this document in the navigation structure

You define events and specify the different types of information and data for the events you want to make available in SAP Gateway.

You can define an event and specify information about the event you want to publish by configuring the event’s definition by using the implementation guide (IMG). In transaction SPRO open the SAP Reference IMG and navigate to Start of the navigation path SAP NetWeaver Next navigation step SAP Gateway Service Enablement Next navigation step Backend OData Channel Next navigation step Backend Event Publisher Administration Next navigation step Event General Definition Next navigation step Event Definition End of the navigation path.

The Event Definition allows you to create, edit, and view information about the events you want to make available to SAP Gateway. In addition, you can define default text items to be sent with the specific event and specify the language for the text.


Where different text items have been provided in code, the text coming from the code replaces the default text items.

Defining an Event

Proceed as follows to configure an event with text in a specific language:

  1. Click on the Activity icon.

  2. Choose the dialog structure for Event Definition.

  3. Choose New Entries and enter the following:

    • Event Group

      Specify a unique name for the event. An event ID can consist of only alphanumeric characters and an underscore, for example SALES_ORDER_CREATE. The name is an internal event ID for the event records.

    • Active

      Select this option to make the event available for use in SAP Gateway. If you do not activate this option, the event is defined but not available for use.

    • Event Description

      Enter information describing for what the event is intended.

  4. Save your settings.

    A message displays; requesting that you provide the customizing request.

Entering Text for an Event

You can add default text that you want to send together with an event. Adding text to be sent with an event is optional. Your text entry can be in any of the supported languages in the SAP system. Only one text entry per language is allowed.

In addition, you can use the following placeholders (within the angular brackets) in your text so that their actual values are displayed at runtime.

  • <&EVENT_ID&>:

    When used in your text, the value for the specific event ID displays at runtime.

  • <&OBJECT_ID&>:

    When used in your text, the value for the specific event instance displays at runtime. For example, sales order number.

  • <&ACTIVITY&>:

    When used in your text, the value for the specific event activity displays at runtime. For example, Create, or Change.

Proceed as follows to enter the text items for a language to be sent with an event:

  1. Select an Event Group for which you want to provide the text and information and open the dialog structure for Texts for Event.

  2. Choose New Entries and enter the following:

    • Language

      Select the language in which to display the text entry via the F4 help.

    • Event Text

      Enter the text you want to be displayed with the selected event. For example, Attention: changes in inventory levels.

  3. Save your settings.