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Metadata Definition Code Patterns for the OData Channel are designed to assist developers who are defining data models using a code-based approach by implementing the DEFINE method in the model provider class. Hence, Code Patterns simplifies and accelerates the implementation process for developers who define Model Provider Classes and Data Models on the OData Channel.

The code patterns repeat a few simple statements (method calls) to define entity types and their properties, for example, meaning that you do not have to write these statements manually. You can also use the metadata definition patterns for complex types. The patterns start with a given data structure, propose names, allow you to define the usage of fields, and check for consistency before generating the actual source code.

The design time in ABAP Workbench provides you with four metadata definition code patterns for use on the OData Channel:

  • If you want to benefit from these code patterns, you must install the software component IW_BEP in your system.

  • The Code Pattern is supported from SAP NetWeaver 7.0 version and above.