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Changing the MappingLocate this document in the navigation structure


You can change the mapping of an operation if required.

In addition, you can view the Properties that have been proposed or set as a key in the Change Mapping Route view.


To change the mapping of an operation:

  1. With the Structure tab displaying on the right-hand section of the screen, select the operation whose mapping you wish to change in the Operations section at the top.

  2. Choose Change Mapping.

    The Map Operation screen displays, with the selected operation displaying in the Operation Type box at the top (for example, Read).

    The Data Objects and Properties of the selected operation display in the Mapped Attributes section (main part of the screen), showing the existing mapping.

  3. Remove the selection for the Data Object whose mapping you wish to change.

    The mapping route and the read-only checkbox in the New Property column are no longer visible.

  4. Expand the Data Object again. All the Properties are visible and they are all deselected.

  5. Select the Property that you wish to map, so that this Property and the Data Object are selected.

  6. Uncheck the Keep Fields Without Mapping box at the bottom of the screen to ensure that fields left without mapping after the changes are removed from the Data Model’s structure in the Data Model tree view.

  7. Select the green check mark at the bottom when you have finished changing the mapping.

    The screen closes and the changed structure displays in the Data Model tree view at the bottom of the screen.