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Functional Overview

Using SAP Gateway supported services (OData Channel) for SAP ERP, you can access and manage employee, customer, material data stored in the SAP ERP system from any device or platform.

For more information on SAP ERP, see SAP Library on SAP Help Portal at:


SAP Gateway system must be configured as mentioned in Settings for Enterprise Resource Planning on SAP Gateway before using the ERP services.

Entities in SAP Gateway for SAP ERP

Following are the main entities in SAP Gateway for SAP ERP:

SAP ERP Entities



Employee is a person who contributes, or has contributed to the creation of goods and services within the enterprise. Each employee is also part of an organizational structure within the company.


Material is a tangible product which can be sold such as an article, packaging, auxiliary material and expendable supplies. You may be required to query or read material data while performing business transactions (for example, create or read sales order, create or read purchase order).

Bill of Material (BOM)

Bill Of Material (BOM) structures a material and represents a directory of all components (items) that belong to a material.

ERP Document

Document is data storage medium containing information of a specific type. You can define a document as a group of related documents, or as part of another document, by linking subordinate documents to superior documents in a document hierarchy. A Document can be defined either as a file or a folder. ERP Document is used to manage document processing. It is a medium of information intended either for users (responsible) or to exchange data between systems.

Sales Document (Inquiry and Quotation)

Sales related business transactions are recorded in the system as sales documents.

ERP Customer

The term Customer is used to define all the customers with whom the company has contact. The SAP Gateway Customer service allows the user to view the details of a customer and also update these details if required.

Time Management

Time Management application enables you to perform time recording functions while away from your desk in any device or platform.

Filter Capabilities

You can filter data by using the SAP Gateway services for SAP ERP. When you filter, keep the following in mind:

  • If you enter more than one field/parameter, you will receive records that contain all words.

  • To filter in the SAP ERP system, enter at least two characters. You will receive all records, which start with those two characters.

  • Filtering is not case sensitive.

When you start filtering, the system retrieves records that are stored in the local cache on the device. The filtering process continues in the SAP ERP system and displays additional results.