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After you have installed the Business Enablement Provisioning (IW_BEP) component, you need to complete the following tasks to help you verify the installation and configuration.

The following is an overview of the sequence of the configuration tasks:

  1. Configure the role templates for Business Enablement Provisioning.

    Component IW_BEP provides templates on which you base roles for administrators and end users. You configure the roles based on the provided templates and assign the roles to users. Using roles, you can designate a user or a group of users as a unit that has access to specific content and resources within IW_BEP. The templates specify the authorizations for content that can be accessed by the users. The IW_BEP specific templates are available when you install IW_BEP in your SAP system. For more information on the role templates for IW_BEP, see User, Developer and Administrator Authorizations.

  2. Define an event.

  3. Event Subscription and Notification

  4. Specify Connection Settings to the SAP Gateway landscape. These settings are available both for theIW_BEP component and for OData Channel.

More Information

For more information, see Business Enablement Provisioning (IW_BEP).