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Vocabularies have to be uploaded to the vocabulary repository before you can import them into a project in the Service Builder to annotate your data model artifacts. See Uploading Vocabularies into the Vocabulary Repository for more details. This section explains how to add and maintain vocabularies.

  1. Start the Service Builder in transaction SEGW.

  2. In the edit mode, right click on the Data Model, choose Start of the navigation path Import  Next navigation step Vocabulary End of the navigation path.


    Vocabulary menu is available only for the projects of type Service with Vocabulary-Based Annotations and Annotation Model for Referenced Service.

    Import Vocabularies window appears.

  3. Select the required vocabulary(s) and click Continue.

    In the tree view a new folder with the name Vocabularies isl be created under Data Model and the vocabularies are imported into this folder.

  4. Expand Start of the navigation path Vocabularies  Next navigation step Imports Next navigation step  Imported vocabulary ID  End of the navigation path and double click on Terms to see the details of the imported annotations in the mass maintenance view.


If the selected vocabulary has a reference, then these references will be displayed in the folder named Implicit References in Vocabulary folder.

If the imported vocabulary file contains terms of type Enum and Type definition, these are also imported and a folder is created for Enum type and Type Definition inside Imported vocabulary ID folder.

  • Enum Type: these are nominal scalar types that represent a series of related values. Enumeration (or Enum) types expose these related values as members of the enumeration.

  • Type Definition: a type definition defines a specialization of one of the primitive types. Type definitions can be used wherever a primitive type is used (other than as the underlying type in a new type definition), and are type-comparable with their underlying types and any type definitions defined using the same underlying type.


Once the vocabulary definitions are added to the data model, the terms from the vocabulary definition can be used to annotate the vocabulary based services if the term applies to the respective OData artifacts.


Parsing treats both V3 and higher terms as valid items and update appropriately. For example, both ‘ValueTerm’ (V3) and ‘Term’ (higher terms than V3) are valid and will be updated to "Term" node. Both ‘Using’ & ‘Reference->Include’ elements are valid to reference a vocabulary definition. While adding vocabularies into the data model, if the referenced vocabulary is available in the vocabulary repository, then it will also be imported into the data model under “Implicit References” Folder.