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Configuring User Authorizations for Push NotificationsLocate this document in the navigation structure

All users who are allowed to receive full payload need to be assigned a specific role in the SAP Business Suite system.

To create a user role to be used in the SAP Business Suite system:


When creating a role in the SAP Business Suite system, make sure you use the Role Template.

  1. In the SAP Business Suite system, open transaction PFCG.

  2. In the Role field, enter name of role you want to create.

  3. Choose Single Role.

  4. Choose Save.

  5. Select the Authorizations tab and choose the Edit icon.

  6. Choose Change Authorization Data under the Maintain Authorization Data and Generate Profiles section.

  7. Select Edit > Insert Authorization(s) > From template. The Choose Template page is displayed.

  8. Select /IWWRK/TR_WF_GW_USR from the list.

  9. Choose the Adopt reference.

  10. Choose Generate. The Generate profile dialog box is displayed.

  11. Choose the Generate option.

  12. In the Assign Profile name for Generated Authorization Profile dialog, maintain the profile name according to your requirements. For example T-SCL550.

  13. Choose the checkmark. The Change role: Authorizations page is displayed. The status of the profile is displayed as “Generated”.

  14. Go back to the Change Roles page, and select the Users tab in the User Assignment section.

  15. Enter the names of the users you want to assign to this role.

  16. Choose Save.

  17. Choose User comparison. The Complete Role Master Record page is displayed.

  18. Choose Complete comparison.

  19. Choose Save.

  20. Check that the role was properly created and assigned.

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