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It is possible to format the notification payload before it gets published to the users.


You can replace the internal SAP names in the payload with application specific external names.

To format the content notification, proceed as follows:

  1. In transaction SPRO open the SAP Reference IMG and navigate to: Start of the navigation path SAP NetWeaver Next navigation step SAP Gateway Next navigation step Former Development Next navigation step OData Channel Development without IW_BEP Next navigation step Outbound Flow Next navigation step Content Formatter Next navigation step OData Channel: Notification Content Formatter End of the navigation path and click the Activity icon to implement the BAdI /IWFND/BD_MGW_NOTIF_FORMATTER.

  2. Enter a value for the BAdI filter name DELIVERY_CHANNEL. This is a mandatory parameter.

  3. Implement the BAdI interface /IWFND/IF_MGW_NOTIF_FORMATTER method FORMAT. This method allows consumers to format:

    • Notification Atom Title

    • Notification Payload (Passed as deserialized ABAP type)

    • Notification End User Name

    • Notification Delivery Address

    • Notification Change Type

Users can subscribe to a collection with delivery address. Here is the format of the delivery address:

  • urn:sap-com:channel:<Delivery Channel>/<request URI> — where <Delivery Channel> is the name given to the RFC destination type "G" created in ABAP application server using transaction SM59.

  • http://<host>:<port>/<request URI>


The delivery address is optional in case the notifications are to be pulled from the SAP Gateway system.

Administrators should maintain an RFC destination type G with the RFC name similar to the one specified in the BAdI filter DELIVERY_CHANNEL.


If the DELIVERY_CHANNEL is TEASNDCHANNEL, then while maintaining an RFC destination:

  • RFC Destination Name isTEASNDCHANNEL

  • Connection Type is G

For information on Maintaining RFC destinations, see the section, Manage RFC Destinations.