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One of the most important objectives when developing in the SAP Gateway framework is to ensure a consistently high quality finished product. SAP Gateway provides various techniques for development support and error search. A variety of tools are also available as help for the support of problem case analysis. In addition, the standard analyzing tools for ABAP can be used, for example, dump analysis, tracing, and debugging.

The main focus is the appropriate logging of failures. In ABAP, failures can be reported in different ways: exceptions thrown by classes, return codes of BAPIs, system messages, error tables returned by RFC, and log items returned by Web services.

Regardless of the type, it is important that information about the failure is captured and made available to the appropriate people in a timely manner and is able to be analyzed.

SAP Gateway provides the following tools:

Use the Service Validation Tool for SAP Gateway to validate the runtime for OData services. For more information, see Service Validation.

Tools for Metadata Cache are also available.


Sizing information for SAP Gateway are available on the SAP Service marketplace under published on SAP site and Quick Sizer Tool. You can use this tool for your hardware calculations for your system landscape.

More Information

The programming interface described in Logging in SAP Gateway (provided by the class /IWFND/CL_LOGGER) can be used to log failure information to the corresponding tools in SAP: the Application Log and the Computing Center Management System (CCMS).