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Custom attributes enable adding typed key value data. The service entities Custom Attribute Definition and Custom Attribute provide the custom attribute definition and runtime data (accordingly).


  • You can reach custom attribute definition collections directly from a task definition collection or navigating from a task collection to a task definition entity (and then to the custom attribute definition).

  • Custom attribute definitions are metadata of the additional information pertaining to the task instance environment.

  • The custom attribute definition properties are:

    • Attribute name

    • Attribute type

    • Display label (Globalized)


A task entity also provides navigation to the custom attribute entity which is the vessel for fetching the values of these additional attributes per task instance.

Use the navigation between Task, TaskDefinition, and CustomAttributeDefinition, and between Task and CustomAttribute.

Custom Attributes for the SAP Business Workflow Provider

To provide the custom attributes definition and data, an enhancement spot is provided within the IW_BEP component (to be implemented in the SAP Business Suite system in which the IW_BEP component is installed).


If your system is based on SAP NetWeaver 7.40 or higher you do not need to install IW_BEP since the SAP Gateway Foundation component SAP_GWFND is installed as standard and includes the necessary functionality.

You can provide implementations filtered by the Task Definition ID. For this, you must provide an implementation to the /IWWRK/BADI_TGW_CUSTOM_ATTR BAdI in the /IWWRK/ES_TGW_CUSTOM_ATTRIBUTE enhancement spot. The default implementation reads values, but customer-specific formatting changes might be required.

After implementing the BAdI, you can consume the custom attribute as follows:

Use navigation property CustomAttributeDefinitionData in entity TaskDefinition to navigate to the CustomAttributeDefinition collection, for example:


Use navigation property CustomAttributeData in entity Task to navigate to the CustomAttribute collection, for example:


Custom Attributes for SAP Business Process Management Provider

For more information, see "Defining Custom Attributes and Custom Actions for Tasks"