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Changing a Mapping RouteLocate this document in the navigation structure


You can change the mapping route of a Property and also rename a Property using the Change Mapping Route button on the Map Operation screen.

You can view the Property that has been defined or proposed as a key for an operation in the Change Mapping screen.

In addition, you can view the Property that has been defined as a delegated key.


You cannot edit a delegated key Property.

  1. With the Structure tab displaying on the right-hand section of the screen, select the required operation in the Operations section at the top.

  2. Choose Change Mapping.

    The Map Operation popup screen displays, with the existing Data Object(s) and their Properties selected.

    The Change Mapping Route button is also available from the Map Operation screen.

  3. Select a Property and choose Change Mapping Route.

    The Change Mapping Route popup displays, with the selected Property in the Property Name field at the top and the proposed mapping structure (from the Map Operation screen) underneath.

  4. Select the Data Object to which you want to map the selected Property.

    • To rename a Property, simply delete the existing name in the Property Name field and enter a new name.

  5. Choose the green check mark at the bottom to save the new mapping route or new name and return to the Map Operation screen. The new mapping route displays in the Mapping Route column.