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The central OData Channel metadata classes and interfaces are as follows:

Original Names

With SAP Gateway 2.0 SP05 the redefine function is supported. This means that after the definition of a model artifact it can be renamed.

During the model definition (/IWBEP/CL_MGW_ABS_MODEL->DEFINE( )) a model provider always needs to use the original name when referencing an artifact. This is independent of the fact that it might already have been renamed.


  lo_entity_type = model->create_entity_type(
    iv_entity_type_name = gcs_entity_names-employee
  lo_entity_type->set_name( 'Worker' ).                         "Some renaming...
  lo_action->set_action_for( gcs_entity_names-employee ).       "Using the original name
Technical Names

A data provider should only use the import parameter IO_TECH_REQUEST_CONTEXT. That one “speaks” the technical (internal) names and hence is not influenced by any redefine function. The internal names - unless explicitly set by the model provider - are derived from the "original" name.