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Configuring SAP Gateway Host to Accept Assertion Tickets from SAP SystemsLocate this document in the navigation structure

You must configure your SAP Gateway host to accept SAP assertion tickets from the SAP Business Suite (backend) system for message-based Web service communication. Proceed as follows:

  1. In your SAP Gateway system make sure that the profile parameters are set as outlined in Profile Parameters.

  2. In your SAP Gateway system go to transaction SSO2 to run the SSO2 administration wizard.


    If transaction SSO2 does not work, use STRUSTSSO2 to import the certificates from the SAP Gateway server; you must import them manually. For further information, see the SAP NetWeaver documentation about Using Transaction STRUSTSSO".

  3. Enter the Type 3 RFC destination created above (from your backend system) or the Host Name and Instance Number for the backend system in the appropriate fields.

  4. Choose Execute.

    You may be asked to provide a user name and password.

    The SSO administration report for the designated SAP system displays.

  5. Choose Activate (Enter Certificate in ACL and, if Necessary, Certificate List) to configure the SAP Gateway system.

    If everything has been configured correctly the traffic lights are green.