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Configuring the SAP Gateway Host as the Trusted SystemLocate this document in the navigation structure


You configure the SAP Gateway host to be the trusted system using an RFC destination. This RFC destination points to the SAP system as the trusting system. At a later point in time, you configure the SAP Gateway host to accept assertion tickets from the SAP system.

Proceed as follows to create an RFC destination for the trusted system, the SAP Gateway host:

  1. In transaction SM59, choose Create.

  2. In RFC Destination, enter a name for your destination, for example, <my system number to SAP Gateway host>.

  3. In Connection Type, enter 3 (Connection to ABAP System).

  4. Enter a short text in Description, for example, Connect to <my system number to SAP Gateway host>.

  5. Save your settings.

  6. On the Technical Settings tab, select Yes for Load Balancing and enter the SAP system number in Target System and the SAP system host name in Msg. Server.

  7. Select IP Address in Save to Database as.

    The IP address of the SAP system is displayed.

  8. On the Logon & Security tab, enter the client of the SAP system, for example, 005.

  9. Activate Current User.

    The PW Status of the current user is displayed.

  10. In Trust Relationship, activate the option Yes.

  11. Save your settings.

Proceed as follows to configure the trusted system (SAP Gateway host) to accept assertion tickets from the SAP system.


Make sure that you have a certificate from the SAP system.

  1. Log on to your SAP system and choose transaction SSO2.

    The Logon Ticket Administration for Single Sign-On (SSO) screen is displayed.

  2. Enter the host name and the system number for your SAP system, and follow the instructions in the wizard.

More Information

For more information about adding trusted systems using the SSO administration wizard, see the SAP NetWeaver documentation about Configuring SAP Web AS ABAP to Accept Logon Tickets from Another AS ABAP System.