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Configuring GSDO to Connect to the SAP CRM SystemLocate this document in the navigation structure

This section provides the basic configurations required to connect the SAP Gateway to the SAP CRM 6.0 system.

Applications running on the GSDO use web services to call the SAP systems. Therefore, the applications have proxies that are shipped with the GSDO. These proxies are grouped in service groups. Each service group can be configured to point to one or many SAP systems. The actual system that is used is determined at runtime via the destination finder. Applications bundle proxies to service groups in a granularity that matches the way the web services are offered by the SAP systems. For example, if an SAP system offers the web service Get Employee, it also offers the web service Create Employee, as they belong to the same deployment unit. A granularity of the service groups has been chosen that matches the entities offered by the GSDO and the deployment units of web services of the SAP systems. This way it is possible to easily configure all web services that belong to the entity Employee as a unit (mass configuration) instead of configuring each proxy one by one.

The following configurations have to be done on SAP CRM system and SAP Gateway system: