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Generating an SAP Gateway Service for GenILLocate this document in the navigation structure

  1. Logon to the SAP Gateway Hub system or SAP backend system where IW_GIL 100, IW_BEP 200 and WEBCUIF 7.0 SP03 are installed.

  2. Go to the transaction SEGW.

  3. You can either create a new project or open an existing project.

  4. If you are editing an existing project, click Display - Change.

  5. Expand the project and in the context menu of Data Model, choose Start of the navigation path Redefine Next navigation step GenIL Service End of the navigation path.

  6. Choose a GenIL component in the Wizard Step 1 of 3: Redefine Service screen and click Next.

  7. In the Wizard Step 2 of 3: Redefine Service screen, enter descriptions for model name and service name.

  8. In the Wizard Step 3 of 3: Redefine Service screen, choose the OData artifacts which should be a part of the service you are generating and click Finish.

  9. Choose Runtime Artifacts and click Generate Runtime Objects.

  10. In the Model and Service Definition dialog box, you can either:

    • change the Technical Service Name to create a new service and, click Continue.

    • select the check box Overwrite Extended Service to overwrite the existing service and, click Continue.

  11. Enter the package details and click Save.

Once the service is generated, you need to register and activate the service. See, Service Maintenance for more information.