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Creating the Consumption ModelLocate this document in the navigation structure

After you have created the Data Model (see Creating the Data Model), now you create the consumption model using the ABAP Workbench (transaction SE80)

  1. In transaction SE80 select SAP GW Consumption Model in the dropdown list.

  2. Enter ZSFLIGHT02_0001 as the name and choose Display or press Enter.

  3. In the Create Object dialog box choose Yes.


    Note that you have to specify a name that is in the customer namespace such as Z* or you can use another customer namespace.

  4. In the Create Consumption Model dialog box enter the following and choose Continue (Enter):

    • The Service Technical Name is the name you previously entered in step 2.

    • An explanatory text in Description (in this example, it is also DemoSFlight)

    • Remove the selection for OData Channel.

    Create Consumption Model

  5. Choose Continue (Enter).

  6. In the screen Create Object Directory Entry you have to provide information that will specify how the new object (R3TR IWSG ZSFLIGHT02_0001) will be handled by the Change and Transport System.

    In our example we have selected a name that is part of the Z namespace. Since we do not want to transport the consumption model, we select Local Object (package $TMP) and choose Save.


The consumption model has been created and is displayed in the navigation tree in the Object Navigator.

Continue with adding the data model to the consumption model.