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The content scenarios described in the documentation comprise all official demo content scenarios delivered by SAP Gateway. Some of them are based on technology paradigms which are no longer recommended but are available in the documentation for reference purposes, for example the services based on Generic Channel.

In the latest support packages new programming paradigms have been introduced: We strongly recommend using the OData Channel (ODC) programming paradigm for all SAP Gateway development.

Depending on your use case, either use embedded deployment or central hub deployment. For more information, see Deployment Options.

If you want to use OData Channel, either use backend OData Channel or hub OData Channel with software component IW_BEP.

SAP Gateway is a development framework that connects business users to SAP systems. It serves as an entrance to your existing SAP system, routing requests, commands and data from users to SAP systems, thereby allowing you to access SAP business processes and enterprise information from your familiar desktop environment, such as Microsoft Office Suite, IBM Lotus Notes, iPhone and Blackberry.

The SAP Gateway Content Guide is the starting point after you have the required authorization to use different SAP Gateway services. This guide provides the service document URL and the metadata document URL, which are necessary for you to use SAP Gateway services.

SAP Gateway supports services on these channels:

More Information

For information on configuration settings, which need to be carried out for the scenarios listed above, see Configuration Settings for SAP Gateway Applications.