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Creating an RFC DestinationLocate this document in the navigation structure

You should have an RFC destination configured from the SAP Gateway system to the external server (type G) or the ABAP system (type H) before generating the OData service. Follow the procedure given below to configure an RFC destination for either G or H connection type.

  1. Logon to the SAP Gateway Hub system where IW_BEP 200 and IW_FND are installed.

  2. Go to transaction SM59.

  3. Choose Create and the enter the following:



    RFC Destination

    Enter an RFC destination name. For example, ODATA_RFC.

    Connection Type


    • H for HTTP Connection to ABAP System

    • G for HTTP Connection to External Server


    Enter a description.

  4. Go to the Technical Settings tab and enter the following:



    Target Host

    For Type G, enter the domain name. For example, in the external OData service, published on non-SAP site, is the target host.

    For Type H, enter the host IP

    Path Prefix

    Enter any additional directories, if relevant.

  5. If relevant, select the Logon & Security tab and enter the security settings as required.

  6. Save the RFC destination.

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