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The SAP Gateway Developer Guide provides information to help you run, develop, and enhance applications and SAP solutions that integrate end user programs with SAP systems. This guide covers the following topics:

  • OData Channel

    An OData-based minimalistic programming approach.

  • SAP Gateway Service Builder

    This is the single entry point for all developers who want to create an OData service with ease.

  • SAP Gateway Cookbooks

    A few short how-to guides which allow you to get started with the different programming approaches and get some applications up-and-running quickly.

  • Former Development

    Reference section for maintenance purposes on former development approaches, such as Generic Channel.


We strongly recommend using the OData Channel (ODC) programming paradigm for all SAP Gateway development.

As of SAP Gateway 2.0 Support Package 05, you are strongly recommended to use the Service Builder (transaction SEGW) for your OData design-time development . For more information, see SAP Gateway Service Builder.

Depending on whether you want to develop SAP Gateway content in an SAP Business Suite backend system or in an SAP Gateway hub system, you can choose between embedded deployment or central hub deployment. For more information, see Embedded Versus Hub Deployment and Deployment Options.