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You can access SAP performance statistics from the SAP Gateway framework for each OData request without having to activate the Performance Trace tool. To obtain the SAP performance statistics, you can add ?sap-statistics=true at the end of the request URL, regardless of whether it is an HTTP method of type GET, POST, PUT, MERGE, PATCH, or DELETE. Alternatively, you can enter (name=sap-statistics, value=true) in the HTTP request header. The setting in the URL is treated with higher priority than the setting in the HTTP header.

The SAP Gateway framework provides the performance statistics to the consumer in the HTTP response header in the following format:

  • HTTP Header Name: sap-statistics

  • HTTP Header Value: total, fw, app, gwtotal, gwhub, gwrfcoh, gwbe, gwapp, gwnongw, gwbewait, gwappsum


  • total: Total processing time

  • fw: Framework

  • app: Application

  • gwtotal: Total processing time of the OData request

  • gwhub: Processing time in SAP Gateway hub system

  • gwrfcoh: RFC and network overhead for communication between the hub and backend system

  • gwbe: Processing time in SAP Gateway framework in backend system (without application time)

  • gwapp: Processing time in application (data provider)

  • gwnongw: Processing time of applications called (referred to as non SAP Gateway since this processing time is not related to the SAP Gateway framework)

  • gwbewait: Waiting time in SAP Gateway framework in backend system when batch parallelization is used

  • gwappsum: Sum of all processing times in application (data provider) when batch parallelization is used


Due to SAP security policy, the SAP Gateway framework only provides the performance statistics if the OData request could be processed successfully.