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Storing Recordings in Recording GroupsLocate this document in the navigation structure


In Screen Scraping, you organize and manage your recordings and search help entities within recording groups. A group can be empty for later use, or it can contain several recordings and search help entities.


We recommend to use meaningful names for your recording groups, such as, Vendors, Customers, or Suppliers. Such names help you to easily locate your recordings.


A recording group cannot contain another recording group.

The content of the recording group is your data source from which you choose the entities you want in your model.

To create a recording group:

  1. From the Data Source: Screen Scraping Repository pane, click the icon, New, and select Create Recording Group. The Enter Recording Group name dialog opens.

  2. Enter a name for your recording group.


    We recommend that you use a "Y" or "Z" namespace prefix.

    Use only alphanumeric characters. Spaces and symbols such as, &, %, $,#, @, and !, are not allowed.

  3. In Description, enter some descriptive text for your group. This is optional.

  4. Choose OK.

Viewing and Modifying the Values in the Properties of a Recording Group

After creating your recording group, you can view and modify the values of its properties. The following are the properties of a recording group:

  • Recording Group:

    Specifies the name of the selected recording group. It cannot be modified.

  • Description:

    Specifies the descriptive text of the selected recording group. You can edit the text.

  • Created On:

    Specifies the date on which the recording group was created. It cannot be modified.

  • Created By:

    Specifies the name of the user who created the group. It cannot be modified.

To view and edit a property:

  1. Select the recording group whose properties you want to view or edit.

  2. Right click the selected recording group, and choose Recording Group Properties or click the magnifying glass icon, Recording group properties.

Deleting a Recording Group

You can delete the recording groups in the Screen Scraping Repository pane.


You can delete a group that is empty. In the display mode, you cannot delete a group.

To delete a recording group:

  1. From the Data Source: Screen Scraping Repository pane, select the recording group you want to delete.

  2. Click the delete icon, Delete

    Alternatively, right click the selected group name and choose Delete recording group. A dialog window displays.

  3. Choose Yes to delete the recording group.