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Annotations as additional information about metadata can have simple values, such as texts. These text strings can be translated. Examples are data elements, text symbols or OTR texts. The integration of reusable UI artifacts helps to reduce translation effort.

To use this function, setter methods are provided in interface /IWBEP/IF_MGW_VOCAN_SIMPLE_VAL:




  • SET_STRING_FROM_PROVIDER for special use cases.

Additional methods are available in the model class /IWBEP/CL_MGW_ABS_MODEL:

  • Method GET_VOCAN_TEXTS for normal use.

  • Method GET_VOCAN_PROVIDER_TEXTS for special use cases. If you have used SET_STRING_FROM_PROVIDER you have to manually implement this.

When using data elements you can specify whether you want to display the short text, medium text, long text or the heading, as specified in the ABAP Dictionary under Field Label.

Annotations can be in-place or in annotation files.