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You can map entity sets with embedded complex types, delete the mapping for an operation, or update the mapping information.

For BOR, the data source name is in the format: <Business Object>.<Method>.


Each entity set that is listed in the Service Implementation folder has the default operations to which you can map the data source.

To map an operation, proceed as follows:

  1. Expand the Service Implementation folder, and select the entity set you want to map to a data source. A list of operations of the entity set displays. For example, GetEntitySet (Query).

  2. Right click the operation you want to map, and click Map to Data Source. The Map to Data Source dialog displays.

  3. Under Target System, specify the location of your data source by choosing one of the following:

    • Local: Choose Local, if the data source to which you want to map is in the same system as the Service Builder.

    • Remote: Choose Remote if the data source (RFC or BAPI) to which you want to map, is in a remote backend system (a system different from that of the Service Builder). This option is applicable only where Service Builder is deployed in the SAP Gateway hub system itself.


      The Remote option is applicable only if SAP Gateway deployment is SAP Gateway with IW_BEP Installation. In all other deployment options, use only the Local option .

  4. Under Data Source Attribute, select one of the following data source types:

    • Remote Function Call (RFC): Select the RFC data source to specify the remote function modules from which you want to map selected parameters to the properties of an entity set.

    • Business Object Repository (BOR): Select the BOR data source to specify the BAPI methods from which you want to map selected parameters to the properties of an entity set.

    • Search Help: Select Search Help to specify the search help which you want to map the selected parameters to the properties of an entity set.

  5. In Data Source Name, press F4 to get a list of the BOR methods, or remote function modules in the target system. Alternatively, enter the name of the BOR method or remote function module. You can enter part of the name with the wild card character * and press F4 to search for the remote function modules or BOR methods with names that contain the search term.

  6. Choose the remote function module or BOR method for your data source, and click Continue to confirm your mapping. The mapping displays as a node called, Mapping, under the selected operation of the entity set in the Service Implementation folder. In addition, the Mapping Screen displays on the right hand side of the project tree. You can map (input and output) the parameters of the data source to the properties of the entity set in the Mapping screen.