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Integrating Your SAP Business Process Management SystemLocate this document in the navigation structure


If your system landscape includes an SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management (BPM) system that you want to use with Task Gateway, you must create a logical port to it from the SAP Gateway system. To integrate SAP BPM, you require SAP NetWeaver 7.31 Support Package 13 or higher.

  1. In your SAP Gateway system, start transaction SOAMANAGER.

  2. Select the Service Administration tab.

  3. Choose Single Service Configuration.

  4. From the Search by dropdown list, select Consumer Proxy.

  5. In the Search Pattern field, enter TaskFacade.

  6. From the Field dropdown list, select External Name.

  7. Choose Go.

  8. In the Search Results table, select the consumer proxy.

  9. Choose Apply Selection.

  10. In the Details of Proxy Definition section, choose the Configurations tab.

  11. Choose Create Logical Port. The SOA Management dialog box is displayed.

  12. In the Logical Port Name field, enter the port name.

  13. In the Description field, enter a description providing additional information about the connection.

  14. Under Configuration Type, select the Manual Configuration radio button.

  15. Choose Apply Settings.

  16. In the Configuration for Logical Port section, choose the Transport Settings tab.

  17. In the URL Access Path field, enter TaskFacadeService/TaskFacade.

  18. In the Computer Name of Access URL field, enter the name of the BPM system (computer name).

  19. In the Port Number of Access URL field, enter the corresponding port number that is to be used together with the computer name (access URL) to call the Web service.

  20. Choose the Consumer Security tab.

  21. In the Authentication Settings section, select the SAP Authentication Assertion Ticket radio button.


    For more information about Single Sign-On (SSO), see the SAP NetWeaver documentation about Administration for User Authentication and Single sign-On (SSO).

  22. Save the changes.

To create a system alias, see Creating a System Alias.

To activate your Task Gateway service, see Activating Task Gateway Service.