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Service tagging enables consumption developers to easily find and explore the proper service for their use case. Both tagging and search capabilities are provided. Service developers can thus provide additional information to their service in the catalog service via so-called service tags. This is done with an API in the model provider class (/IWBEP/IF_MGW_ODATA_MODEL~CREATE_TAG). Additionally, the entity set names are automatically included in the catalog service (as service tags). Developers can also cluster or categorize a set of services to provide a kind of grouping information (for example, workflow services). In addition, developers can also specify tags in a hierarchical way, for example a category tag with more precise information as sub-tags. Tags can be specified based n a predefined list of common service tags. Administrators, on the other hand, can add additional tags to the ones already specified by the service developer without explicitly touching the model provider class. Administrators can also transport newly added tags without modifications of the existing service.

The following functions and features are offered:

  • Tags are defined via the model provider APIs for models.

  • Tags are shown as new entities in the service catalog.

  • Tags cannot be re-used, that is, there is no concept for tags across models or services. To have the same tags in several services, a developer must make sure to use the same text when creating the tag.

  • The open search for services in the service catalog considers the following:

    • Service names

    • Services’ entity set external names

    • Catalog service

  • A new entity type Tag is added. It show the tags defined with the model provider APIs.

  • A new entity type EntitySetis added. It shows the entity sets defined with the model provider APIs.



/sap/opu/odata/IWFND/CATALOGSERVICE;v=2 with TagCollection and EntitySetCollection:

In the catalog service you can search for services, based on Tags or EntitySets by using $filter: /sap/opu/odata/Iwfnd/catalogservice;v=2/EntitySetCollection?$filter=substringof('Type', Description)