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Query String Options are query string parameters a client may specify to control the amount and order of the data that an OData service returns for the resource identified by the URI. The names of all Query Options are prefixed with a "$" character.

These options define which parameters can be used as query strings.


This option filters Workflow task collection results. You must use the following syntax:

$filter = <fieldname> <operator> <value> as one of the URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) parameters, where:

  • <fieldname> is the name of the field from the Workflow task root node.

  • <operator> must be chosen according to the list of supported operators.

  • <value> can be any desired string value. Must be enclosed in quotation marks ('value').


http://<host name>:<port>/sap/opu/sdata/sap/<service_external_name>/WorkflowTaskCollection?$filter=status eq 'READY'&$format=xml

You can filter according to any field of the Workflow task root node.

The supported operators are:

  • EQ

  • NE

  • BT

  • NB

  • CP

  • NP

  • LT

  • LE

  • GT

  • GE

Top Query Option ($top)

Top selects the first n records that you specify as the parameter value ($top = n)

  • n must be a positive natural number.

  • Syntax: $top =n as one of the URI parameters.


http://<host name>:<port>/sap/opu/sdata/sap/<service_external_name>/WorkflowTaskCollection?$top=2&$format=xml

This query returns the first two records in your Workflow task collection.


Skip is used for seeking n entries into the collection.

  • n must be a natural number.

  • Syntax: $skip =n as one of the URI parameters.


http://<host name>:<port>/sap/opu/sdata/sap/<service_external_name>/WorkflowTaskCollection?$skip=2&$format=xml

This query returns all records in the Workflow Task collection starting from the 3rd record.