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Substitution is an option provided by SAP by which you can assign a person to act on your work items while you are absent.

This substitution can be based on the work item Task.

This collection shows all the personal substitutes (active and not active) of the current user.

The Substitution entity contains the following properties:

Property Name



User name of the substitute.


Shows whether the substitution has been activated.


User profile.


Date from which the substitution begins.


Date from which the substitution ends.


Full name of the substitute.

  • Supported Operations

    • GET – To retrieve the Substitutes collection, perform a GET operation on the relevant URL.

      To obtain the URL:

      1. On the SAP Gateway system, go to transaction SPRO, open the SAP Reference IMG and navigate to Start of the navigation path SAP NetWeaver Next navigation step  SAP Gateway Next navigation step OData Channel Next navigation step Administration Next navigation step General Settings Next navigation step Activate and Maintain Services End of the navigation path.

      2. Select the Workflow service.

      3. Choose Call Browser.

      4. Navigate to SubstitutionCollection.

    • POST – To create or update a personal substitute, perform a POST operation on the relevant URL. You can also activate and deactivate existing substitutes. For information on performing these operations, refer to the Actions section.