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The generating mechanism redefines and implements the following operations in SAP Gateway; Create, Read, Update, Delete (CRUD) and Query.

The class is generated only when the Service Builder successfully generates the code for the classes of the Model Provider Class (MPC).

The DPC base class inherits from the generic runtime class, /IWBEP/CL_MGW_PUSH_ABS_DATA.

In addition, the mechanism generates several service methods that support the runtime of each operation, such as, RFC_EXCEPTION_HANDLING, and RFC_SAVE_LOG.


Do not change this class, as the Service Builder overwrites the content of the base class when you regenerate the project.

When generated, the DPC creates specific methods for the implementation of each operation. Doing so, the Service Builder enables you to work with a small number of classes while redefining only the specific operation for a specific entity set without affecting others.

Naming of Methods

Method names are automatically created and can contain a maximum of thirty characters.

The following is the format for method names: <ENTITY SET NAME_OPERATION NAME>

For example, for an entity set called BANKLIST, the base class automatically creates new methods for the CRUD and Query operations.

In this case, the names of the methods for the entity set, BANKLIST, will be as follows: BANKLIST_CREATE_ENTITY, BANKLIST_READ_ENTITY, BANKLIST_DELETE_ENTITY, and so on.

The description for the method provides information about the method for the corresponding entity set.

If a method name exceeds the maximum length, the method is renamed by removing characters from the entity set name and not the operation name.

For example, the method name BANKLISTOFCUSTOMERS_CREATE_ENTITY, is too long, it will be renamed as BANKLISTOFCUSTOM_CREATE_ENTITY.

If there are two methods with the same name, each one is renamed by adding a number to the entity set name.

For example, if the mechanism detects two methods with the same name, BANKLISTOFCUSTOME_CREATE_ENTITY, both methods will be renamed as follows, BANKLISTOFCUSTOM01_CREATE_ENTITY, and BANKLISTOFCUSTOM02_CREATE_ENTITY.


When you change the name of an entity set, the Service Builder does not rename the methods of the specific entity set, rather it changes the routing logic to point to the new entity set name.

Method Interface

The entity set method interfaces are strongly typed and coupled with the real entity type in the model.

All the methods generated are empty.