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This section provides information on the new feature from SAP Gateway, User Self Service.


User Self Service is an SAP Gateway feature (similar to the User Management capability of Business-to-consumer (B2C) scenario) using which, SAP Business Suite B2C customers can create users and manage their user profiles using the OData services provided by SAP Gateway.

By using User Self Service your customers can:

OData Services

SAP Gateway provides two OData services to enable User Self Service:

OData Service

Service Document URL


This OData service is always executed in a service user context and is mainly used for creating requests like:

  • User creation

  • Password reset

  • User creation activation



This OData service is always executed in the logged in users context and is used for managing the users created in the system like:

  • Viewing the user account details

  • Updating the user account details

  • Changing the password

  • Fetching the current user name