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Adding the Data Model to the Consumption ModelLocate this document in the navigation structure

After having created the Consumption Model (see Creating the Consumption Model) you now need to add the Data Model(s) to the Consumption Model. If you created a UC Data Model, you need to add this too.

  1. In the navigation tree in the Object Navigator select Consumption Model ZSFLIGHT02_0001.

  2. Right-click the Consumption Model and choose Add SAP GW Data Model from the context menu.

  3. In the Add Data Model window enter the model identifier ZSFLIGHT02_0001_PS or search for a Data Model via the input help. Then choose Continue (Enter).

  4. Optionally, repeat step 3 to add the UC Data Model ZSFLIGHT02_0001_UC.


The Data Model has been added to the Consumption Model and is displayed in the navigation tree in the Object Navigator.

Proceed with checking the service.