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In this step, you will map the DELETE operation to the Delete BOR method.

The DELETE operation deletes a business entity in the SAP backend system.

Many SAP interfaces do not provide a direct DELETE operation, given the risk of losing potentially critical business data.

When there is the DELETE operation, it is only to mark the object for deletion instead of completely removing the business object. However, for some objects, such as, the USER object, a direct delete function module is available.

  1. From the data source, select the Delete method.

  2. Click Create Mapping.

  3. In Operation Type in the Map Operation window, choose Delete.

    Mapping the Delete Operation

  4. Remove the selection for the node, Return, as this is automatically handled by the generator tool.USERNAME should already be mapped to key Property.

  5. Close the Map Operation window.

  6. Generate the data model to save.

    Generated and saved Data Model


You have successfully mapped attributes for the Delete operation from your data source to Properties in the Data Model.

Continue with Add the Data Model to a Consumption Model.